Inercia Digital is an Spanish company with outlets Europeanwide. Its main target is to contribute with innovative solutions to both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills for SMEs and entrepreneurs (e-learning on e-business).
We are located in the Scientific and Technological Park of Huelva. In addition, we offer some programmes and online courses specialised in both e-business and web entrepreneurship skills accessible through our Virtual Campus, which has been approved by the Regional Government of Andalusia as a Virtual Training Centre for Employment .
Our training areas are highly specialised and designed to teach both SMEs and entrepreneurs how to be efficient on the Internet.
We have at your disposal several courses specialised in the following training areas: e-business, web entrepreneurship and e-learning.

Gecko has a history of engaging with the creative and third sectors to establish new projects and provide skills advice, the company was established in 2009.  Gecko develops organisations and people in the UK and Europe, operating through the Consulting Business Unit to develop organisations, and the Work and Skills Unit to develop people.  Our European activities – individual Mobilities in and out of the UK, small Partnerships to develop curricula and Transfer of Innovation to deliver curricula in a European partnership – all add value to our UK activities.

TAGES plays an important role in the development of Turkish industrial SMEs through innovation activities by consulting SMEs on innovation development and actively involved in the mobilization of Turkish SMEs involvement in EU projects since 2002. TAGES with its 24 years of experience on manufacturing and ICT industry and an extensive knowledge and experience on technology project management and wide industrial network relations in Turkey facilitates different Turkish industries on innovation development and management by collaborating with ICT and industrial associations. TAGES competencies are mainly on innovation management, technology research, R&D project development and management, pilot implementations, dissemination and exploitation. TAGES has success stories in many EU projects in the EU 6th and 7th Framework Programme, CIP ICT Policy Support Programme, Life Long Learning Programme, EUREKA and EUROSTARS and other European and national R&D, culture and civil society development programmes. TAGES is a member of FINES Cluster, NESSI and NEM European Technology Platforms. TAGES is  also advising and consulting Digital Turkey Platform on European 2020 Digital Agenda by including the platform in  different  projects.

The “A Rocca” Artistical & Cultural NGO with its international department EProjectConsult is a professional organization that deals with education, training and European culture projects since 2009. The organisation is specialized in the preparation and implementation of national and international projects financed from the EU resources. “A Rocca” offers project management experience during the development and implementation of the projects, offline and online dissemination services, attractive dissemination tools as to provide the project evaluation and follow up services. The organisation is committed to fostering the mutual understanding among different cultures and improving youth’s international and employment opportunities improving their transversal skills particularly language and intercultural competences.